COMING SOON…  May 6, 2020

Contractor of the Year Awards!

The Clarke Showroom


Award Winning Projects

2019 Member of the Year Paul Morse

Annual CotY Awards

Each year we celebrate the work of the finest remodeling industry professionals in our region. EM NARI members compete and are recognized for excellence in their work through our Contractor of the Year (CotY) awards program which culminates in our Evening of Excellence gala.

Each year EM NARI has both first-time entrants and seasoned participants that go home with trophies.  No matter what your CotY experience level, follow these easy steps to be sure your entry is given full consideration by the judges and your work receives the esteem it deserves.  Please review the pages about eligibility and categories carefully.

2019 HERO Award Winner Marc Menezes

Why You Should Enter

Companies – from one-person shops to the largest remodeling firms – report that winning an award is a major factor in enhancing their image within the industry and with prospective customers. It is an opportunity for team-building within your company and a major morale booster for your employees. The marketing opportunities associated with a CotY Award win help set your business apart from other remodeling companies, and NARI helps by providing tools and resources to make the most of this distinguished honor.

Additional Benefits: Winning projects are featured on the EM NARI website and social media pages.

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  • How to Enter

    1. Download the  2020-CotY Entry-Information-Guidelines.
    2. Pay for the entry or entries

      CotY Awards Entries

    3. You will receive an invitation to Dropbox from EM NARI. Read through all of the 2020-CotY Entry-Information-Guidelines. Categories, eligibility, and materials required information is included in the Guidelines.
    4. Entry forms are required for EACH entry and include:
      1. Official entry/homeowner release with homeowner signature (provide the category and total project cost, including appliances)
      2. Photographer’s Release form signed
      3. Judges Folder
        1. Project Description for Judges.  Judges use this document as a companion to the pictures to tell the stay of a project.
        2. PowerPoint Presentation – Include project photos and documents (floor plans, blueprints, and renderings) in the entry presentation.  Be sure to include before and after pictures as well as meaningful images that showcase the elements of the project.
        3. Promotional Description & Wall of Fame Photo – These items are used to showcase projects on our Wall of Fame and in our winners presentation.
        4. EM NARI Contractors & Suppliers form – please note all of the EM NARI members you used for this project. The most used company wins an award.  The project that uses the most NARI members is also recognized.   
  • Special Awards

    The EM NARI Chapter is proud to offer two awards that recognize leadership in community service and leadership in customer service.

    1.  HERO Award
    2. Customer Service Award (Powered by Guild Quality) – 2020 Application Coming Soon
  • CotY Entry Tips

    1.  Use a professional photographer.
    2. Make sure before images match after images.
    3. Write as concisely and clearly as possible to convey the story of the project to the judges. Remember they are not as familiar with this project as you are.
    4. Use your best before and after pictures.
    5. Use the Checklist provided to make sure you’ve included all required materials.
    6. Proofread!
  • What to do once you’ve won a CotY Award

    1. Celebrate with your team!
    2. NARI will email you a “Winner’s Logo” that notes the category and award you have won.  Be sure to use this logo with your project picture as you promote your award.
    3. Promote your win on your website, social media pages, and to your followers, clients, and leads!
    4. Let the media in your town know! EM NARI CotY Sample Press Release