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Welcome back to our series on social media, #TipsFromTheTub , where I go over how social media has impacted our business in a BIG way.

Today, I’m going over one of the best tools and most popular items on social

We started with video a few months into our companies history because we’ve learned that A.) our type of work (countertops) is very visual and B.) we’re able to show/discuss a lot more than just a photo.

Our journey with video has been a lot of trial and error. We don’t have a huge chunk of our marketing budget dedicated to video to hire a film crew just to follow us around all day, nor is it needed! Instead, we decided to invest in video equipment and have a variety of tools now at our disposal. I wanted to share what we use for video recording and what each purpose is.

Cell Phone

Depending on what your marketing objective is, a cell phone may be all you’ll ever need. It’s technically “free” if you already have a smartphone. The current phone I use when I do my Facebook live videos is a Samsung S6. It shoots in 1080p (very good definition) if I’m just recording, but if I’m  doing a live video, it depends on my wifi/internet connection. With poor quality internet, the video will be very pixelated and some of it may just not get recorded at all.

I just preordered my new phone….the Galaxy Note 9. It features 4k (crisp resolution) and big battery! High Def Tub Talk Tuesday here we come!

This a great starting point - good image quality. However if a professional feel in the video is something you’re searching for, a cell phone is not the best solution for audio.

Tub Tip: Hold the phone sideways (also known as landscape mode) while recording to properly fill out the screen when uploading to social media channels.

Action Camera

An awesome time lapse is something that excites me. Seeing a video of something that takes days, weeks, or months happen in 30 seconds is phenomenal!

Getting a shot from a non-traditional point of view can really help you stand out, and my GoPro Hero 4 hasn’t disappointed. This was our next camera and it has not let me down. It takes a beating out in the warehouse with all of the water from our saw jets and water polishing in its waterproof case - and it gets some of the best image quality. 

The number of accessories are endless with different types of camera mounts to get any video shot you can think of.

Tub Tip: Get the 40-60+ accessory pack from Amazon to get a wide variety of shots. A small handheld stabilizer or even a gimbal (an automated rod to get a professional stabilized shot) can drastically change the feel of your video.

DSLR Camera

As we found video becoming very popular for us, the next step was to get a new setup, and a very economical choice was a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera. We found a Canon EOS Rebel T6i on sale and it has been my thoroughbred. This is great for vlogging, videos of installations, our crews working, and more.

If you’ve never used the features in a camera like this, it can be very daunting and the image quality may not come out right. But after a few YouTube videos on the proper settings, you’ll improve with each video drastically.

Tub Tip: Lighting or lack thereof is key with good video. An inexpensive led ring light is a great investment to help out with that.

Mirrorless Camera

Within everything we do in life, as we get better at things, we want to invest more in them. Whether it’s time or money or even more training, once we do well we want to do better. My new recent purchase is the Panasonic Lumix GX85 I just got within the last week. Hands down, the best image quality I’ve had with a camera (4k resolution). The best part is it happened to be an open box at Best Buy during tax free weekend. It actually cost less than my Canon, is lighter, and has a substantially better interface.

Tub Tip: Video is nothing without great audio, and although you can record audio with a camera, it’s much better quality to invest in an external recording device that mics can plug into.

Check out the video in this Facebook live video I did to discuss this by clicking here.

We’ll take a look in the next article about how to use these videos in a marketing campaign and what types of posts you should do on social media.

Dakota Lotz
Senior Design Consultant & Director of Tub Communications
Divine Stoneworks


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