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Posted by Dakota Lotz, Divine Stoneworks on 2 February 2018 | 0 Comments

Welcome to a new feature in the EM NARI newsletter - #TipsFromTheTub - with insights about how to better use social media in your business. This edition it's all about these 2 symbols and why they're crucial to my business: @ #

The @ symbol is so powerful. First and foremost, your business Facebook page should have your username setup with the @ symbol. There are a few reasons it's important:

- When you post on Facebook, you can tag relevant pages on a post to gain more traction and also to connect with the "fans" of the other pages who you may not have reached before.

Notice in this post below that some of the words are in bold? People can click on those words and take them to the corresponding Facebook pages.

TUB TIPS Image 1


-Also, and maybe more importantly depending on your social media strategy, your clients that either visit your showroom, in the middle of a project, or just finished their renovation can tag your business in a post.

In this day and age with access to everyone's lives at our fingertips, many people experience FOMO (Fear of missing out). So if your client posts that they toured your showroom and their friends and family like the photo they posted, they then click on the link that redirects your page so they can see what you do.

TUB TIPS Image 2

The @ symbol is one of the most important tools I have at my disposal and is crucial to the continued growth of our company. The other is the hashtag. Check out our next #tipsfromthetub where we'll discuss why the hashtag is the most overrated yet also the most under utilized symbol in social media.

Also to come will be some simple, yet extremely powerful information about your Facebook page I guarantee you had no idea existed and will change your business.

Until next issue!

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