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Welcome back to our series on social media, #TipsFromTheTub , where I go over how social media has impacted our business in a BIG way.

The last edition was all about the @ symbol and how you can use it to gain further reach. Check it out by clicking here. This time ‘round we’re discussing the infamous hashtag # why it’s the most overrated yet also the most underutilized symbol in social media.

So often when I scroll through my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (oh my goodness there are so may to keep up with!) feeds, I see what I call hashtag city. When a post, tweet, or photo has #every #single #word #hashtagged.


 If you’re doing this, you’re wasting your time, you’re bothering your fans and potential clients, and ultimately you’re not using this powerful symbol to your advantage.

Let’s take Facebook for example. When you see a word with a # in front of it, it typically looks like #this or #likethis. What that means is if you were to click on either of those, it will take you to see every post with those hashtags in it. Additionally, if someone sees another post and clicks on it, they can see a post you made with it. Which is great, right?! Well that depends. If you’re trying to get likes and comments, you’re on your way! But if you’re a kitchen and bath remodeler posting about #white #kitchen, and you’re trying to get business out of it, not so much. Anyone in the entire world can see #white #kitchen and I don’t think you’re going from Massachusetts to Argentina to do a kitchen, are you?

So how should you use a hashtag and what does a countertop fabricator like me know about this anyway? Let me tell you a brief story of how I got to this subject. I don’t have a background in marketing at all. But, being in a sales position that relies on leads coming from marketing, I decided to take action. We had a point in time when the owners of my company wanted me to cold call on contractors and kitchen bath dealers. Who wants to cold call?! It’s so uncomfortable, a ton of rejection, and so on. After days of send me an email, I don’t have time to meet now, and so on, I looked over at the tub in our showroom and I had an idea. This one right here:


You see, I’ve always been that awkward, goofy kid (yes, even at 32 I’m still a kid!). I thought to myself I’m going to get in that bathtub, and I’m going to do an unscripted, Facebook live video in that bathtub right now. I kicked off my shoes, and jumped in and the 3 owners looked at me like I was crazy. I told them “just trust me” (as you get to know me, when I believe something in my gut, that’s what I say.) I got in and started talking about kitchen and bath remodeling and how I can help. When I was doing the video, I switched to the rear facing camera on my phone as I panned around the tub and my socks, which were The Flash, was showing in the video. The owners were freaking out “This is so unprofessional! I know you like to have fun, but we need to focus on other things!” but something happened. The comments and the likes started in coming in as I was doing the video. People loved it! They also commented like crazy about my socks. Something was born then. What I call #tubtalktuesdays where I do a Facebook live video in the tub on a Tuesday (sometimes Wednesday) and at the end of the video I show what sock I’m wearing. I have many socks including Batman, Superman, Ironman, The Hulk, Captain America, Star Wars and so many more.

Want to know the best part of it? It is our number one lead source.


I wanted to tell you that story because it leads into what should you use a hashtag for? Something that matters to your business ultimately. My #tubtalktuesdays is a campaign of many videos and photos. People recognize me from the videos. When people introduce me, they rant and rave about my videos. It’s important to our business. If there are some weeks I don’t post about it, people have called or stopped into the showroom, emailed, or even commented on our Facebook posts “Where is the tub videos?!”

You see, once you become equipped with what to actually do with this symbol, you can become a social media powerhouse. People crave entertainment and information, and if you can market to them, without actually marketing TO them, that’s when the magic happens.

If you were able to attend the April 11th EM NARI meeting at the MetroWest Design Center, and came to my CEU seminar, “How Star Wars Socks, a Cell Phone, and a Bathtub Revolutionized our Business”, thank you so much! I’m preparing it to hopefully offer the CEU course at KBIS/IBS next year. During the seminar, I had shared that I’ll be hosting a FREE workshop to go over what was discussed. If you’d like more information about it and would like to attend, you can click here.

Next edition of #TipsFromTheTub, we’re talking about the Pixel. You might think it has to do with picture size or quality, but you’re wrong! Until next time!

All the best,

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