Why I Joined NARI: David Supple

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When I started in the remodeling industry as a business owner almost 10 years ago, I looked to find continuing education programs with which to enrich my architectural education. At this time I found out about NARI’s certificate programs. I joined NARI and completed the Certified Remodeler study program. The interaction that I gained with other members in the study class was invaluable to me. Thomas Buckborough was the class leader, and I could see he had a true purpose to enhance the industry through education and giving back. My education continued through monthly meetings and the seminars provided and was further enhanced by rubbing shoulders with those who had been successful in the industry for several years, like Greg Antonili and Bill Farnsworth.
My company’s mission statement is “lifting spirits with spaces”. This purpose is well achieved by all remodelers when completed in the proper way, and NARI facilitates achieving this purpose in greater volume by enhancing the education of each remodeler and lifting the professionalism of the industry as a whole.
Another example of this purpose coming to fruition through NARI would be within our community service involvement. I have participated in various community service projects with EMNARI, including the Room to Dream.National Lumber Ad
To see a child’s life forever changed by creating a functional, aesthetic space within which he can flourish is such a tangible example of how the remodeling industry can really make an impact on a person’s life, and lift their spirit through the space that they occupy. The sense of pride and accomplishment that I have achieved through this is amazing. I gather a huge amount of satisfaction from what NARI is doing, and what we represent. I believe we are the best of the best in the industry and leading the charge in achieving a better standard of business and better remuneration from our clients, while receiving a higher level of satisfaction from them in the process.

David Supple, CEO
New England Design & Construction

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About David

David Supple is the CEO of New England Design & Construction, and has a degree in Architecture from Tufts University.
Prior to starting New England Design & Construction, David worked as an architect for large commercial projects and realized there was a need for true design-build vision to fully handle construction projects.
Through David’s leadership and vision, NEDC has grown from a two-man operation out of a basement in to a flourishing office environment housing 8 employees with high company culture and care for projects and clients alike.

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