In Case You Missed It: Inspectors' Panel

Posted by Justin Zeller, Red House Custom Builders, EM NARI Vice President and Chair of PR on 8 September 2017 | 0 Comments

The September membership meeting featured the annual Inspectors Panel presentation, but was kicked off with New Member Orientation.  We welcomed a dozen new members and shared information about the value of NARI and our chapter in Eastern Massachusetts.  Participants enjoyed meeting members of the Chapter’s Board of Directors and the committee chairs. A lively discussion followed and many new members have joined committees.  The PR Committee welcomes Dakota Lotz of Divine Stonework.  The Membership Committee welcomes JJ Przybylski of Mastodon Moving and Amanda LaRose of Studio Bowerbird, and the CotY Planning Committee welcomes Michelle Coelho of Divine Stoneworks.  We are looking forward to getting to know our new members better as they dive into the work of the committees!

 Our September dinner meeting sponsor was CPS HVAC. For many years, CPS has generously supported our chapter as a Gold Corporate Sponsor.  We are grateful for their support and encourage our members to give Phil Baldwin a call when considering the HVAC needs for your upcoming projects!  Learn about CPS at John Lojek, Newton Commissioner, David Gusmini, Natick Building Commissioner, and Fred Lonardo Westborough Building Commissioner.

  • The panel spoke to a full house with over 100 EM NARI members in attendance

  • There was a lively discussion about make-up air regulations

  • Some members voiced their concerns over the timeliness of certain inspections, and the panel responded by helping to identify who to go to when the timeline of a client’s remodel is being over extended.

  • The consideration of accessory apartments also was a strong topic of discussion. Whether they are meant for an in-law or not, the panel was clear that the codes being enforced around dividing a home into separate living space are designed to keep you and the others in your home safe.

  • Finally, as he has at other panel discussions in the past, John Lojek from Newton told the crowd: “Chapter and verse!” If you are having an issue on an inspection, and you disagree with the inspector, you can always ask (politely) for a building inspector to quote “chapter and verse”. An inspector always has to be able to point to the code book to explain a decision.

Justin Zeller, CR
Owner & General Manager
Red House Custom Building

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