ICYMI: July Meeting at The Ultimate Bath Store

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On July 11th EM NARI members were hosted by The Ultimate Bath Store in Lowell and treated to a presentation on Smart Home Technology by Jennifer Mallett, CEO of Level Up Your Home. The presentation began with this highly entertaining SNL skit you’ll not want to miss: Amazon Echo Silver - SNL.

What is Smart Home Technology?

Smart Home Technology consists of devices which are connected to a wireless network, capable of  intercommunication, and which can be controlled remotely from inside the home, or across the globe. These include appliances, thermostats, entertainment systems, plumbing fixtures, lighting, security and camera systems, and more. Smart Home Technology is evolving from “clever” voice activated devices, which require consumer input to improve efficiency and experience, to “smart” devices which learn consumer preferences over time and automatically optimize home systems.

Why Integrate?

Interest is greatest in 18-34 year olds, a group which is likely to buy a home within 5-10 years. Many of them have experienced smart technology and will be looking for a contractor who is savvy.

Interest in smart technology is growing in other age groups as well with connected products improving energy efficiency, safety, entertainment, surveillance, lighting, and even the ability to age-in-place.

In fact, 2018 is still very early in the potential growth curve for Smart Home Technologies hitting the Mass Market. Businesses incorporating Smart Tech now will have the most growth potential.

Ways to Apply to Your Business

If you are ready to more fully integrate Smart Home Tech into your business, you have choices:

  1. Outsource via referral to a tech partner
  2. Integrate into your business and leverage a tech partner
  3. Mastery – Fully integrate technology capabilities

Start small! You can start by offering a simple package like a ceiling fan, thermostat and smart speaker. These items can be installed with little or no additional training and can help you test client interest.

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