Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by admin on 21 November 2012 | 0 Comments


I would like to think we now all have time to catch our breath after the last year of political ads, solicitations, phone calls, debates, work, school … you get the picture, but the holidays are now fast approaching. Time is a premium this time of year so this little reminder is going out to everyone for consideration. As with all organizations we are trying to get the best attendance at our respective  gatherings. EMNARI is no exception.

On Wednesday 11/14 the Coty Awards Ceremony were held and participation was strong.  I hope everyone from our organization attended in support or our peers and the fine work which they submitted.

We still have our December Dinner meeting coming up on the 5th. Let’s make this the best meeting of the year for attendance. Please, consider bringing old members and new possibilities to this meeting after all isn’t that what the end of 2012 leads to for 2013, a new year full of new possibilities.

We can choose to stay on the same path as in 2012 or choose to make a new and better path for ourselves and our organization. There are some great folks doing a lot of hard work to make our organization the best it can be for all of us.

So please consider attending the December Dinner meeting with not only one guest but bring two, three , four  or a dozen guests. Let’s show our support for those working to make EMNARI the best chapter in the nation!

Best wishes to everyone for a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember those who serve and their families sacrifices as we give thanks.

Von Salmi
PR Committee Chairman