EM NARI's October Meeting Recap

Posted by Melissa Bunis, Owner and Sales Manager of Boston Stone Restoration, EM NARI Marketing/PR Committee on 17 October 2018 | 0 Comments

October’s monthly membership meeting was hosted by Dakota Lotz and Divine Stoneworks in Ashland, MA. Members and guests mixed and mingled in the expansive showroom and had drinks and snacks before the meeting began. The format of the meeting was a panel discussion and the topic was sustainability. Three companies participated in the panel: Amy Weber from Eco Building Bargains, Paul Bunis from Boston Stone Restoration and Steve and Jake Hubley, from Hubley Painting and Carpentry. The focus of the evening was how remodelers and designers can work with these three companies to reuse or recycle existing cabinets, counter tops, and flooring in their remodels. 

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Amy’s non-profit organization focuses on recycling used building supplies during the demo portion of the renovation project. She will do a site visit and let the contractor know what items she can reuse. Items range from doors to antique hardware to full sets of kitchen cabinetry. Eco Building Bargains comes and picks up the items for free! The advantage to the contractor is lower dumpster fees. The advantage to Amy’s customers is a deep discount on the supplies and the advantage to the environment is probably the greatest, by reducing landfill.

Paul, from Boston Stone Restoration, discussed the benefits of restoring existing marble flooring and counter tops rather than replacing. If the finish is matte and the customer wants a polish or vice versa, Boston Stone can change the finish. If, during a renovation, old flooring or carpeting is removed and there is terrazzo or marble underneath, his company can bring it back to its original beauty. He can re-grout floors to change the color of the grout to create a new look. He also specializes in chip repair on counter tops.

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Steve Hubley, from Hubley Painting and Carpentry explained how his company specializes in painting kitchen cabinets. Current design trends are leaning towards white or gray painted cabinets, gone are the days or oak and cherry. His company has invested in tools and technology that can totally transform wood finish cabinets to the new painted finish. He also will fill all holes so new hardware can be installed totally transforming the look of an older kitchen.

Thank you Dakota and Divine Stoneworks for hosting an informative evening which provided more choices for clients when doing a renovation.

Kara and Melissa

By Melissa Bunis, Owner and Sales Manager, Boston Stone Restoration.  Boston Stone Restoration is New England’s leading granite, marble, and natural stone and tile restoration company.

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