Letter from the EM NARI President 2014

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Greetings colleagues and friends, welcome to 2014. I truly hope you had a great 2013 and that you enjoy an even better 2014.  As I write this letter, I realize how fortunate I am to have the honor to lead EM NARI for the coming year. Thanks to 2013 President Steve Doucet, the 2013 Board, the committee volunteers, and Executive Director Michelle Glassburn who pass on to me a strong and vibrant EM NARI.

I am very excited for the opportunity to serve EM NARI as President in 2014.  We have a great Board and many dedicated committee members who I look forward to working with to make EM NARI the premier remodeling contractor trade association in Massachusetts. For members whom I have not met, I would love to know you and welcome your call.

EM NARI COTY Event at Clarke

In November, we had the best COTY Event ever thanks to Clarke Supply who opened up their beautiful facility and donated the beverages. This event was well attended and everyone I spoke to said it was a great event. Thanks to Clarke and the hard work of the CotY Committee we finished 2013 on a high note.

New Orientation Program for EM NARI Members

In January, we had our first Orientation Program for new and current EM NARI members. We had over 20 members attend this meeting with great results. Thanks to the membership committee and Michelle Glassburn, this was a huge success. This will be offered several times a year to help new and current members learn how to maximize their EM NARI membership.

The future -- the EM NARI path to success through certifications and participation

In my acceptance speech in January, I shared a vision for EM NARI members to prosper and build successful businesses. We recognized some of our former EM NARI Presidents. These former Presidents followed a similar path to success that included NARI Certification Programs. These great men immersed themselves in the NARI program volunteering their service and obtaining NARI Certifications such as Certified Lead Carpenter, Certified Remodeler, and Certified Kitchen & Bath Remodeler.

In my speech I mentioned the results of the most recent National NARI Remodeler Survey. NARI remodelers have higher sales than generalist remodelers. NARI Remodelers reported average sales of $1,953,000 compared to sales of $393,000 for broad based remodelers.

I believe that the difference is due to a commitment to follow a proven business model. EM NARI members can follow the same path other successful remodelers have chosen to succeed.

I challenge all EM NARI members to earn these staple NARI Certifications to prepare and position your business for success in this evolving remodeling market. Our education committee chair, Thomas Buckborough (CKD, CRPM, GCP, CR) has scheduled several trainings this year.

Vendor Path To Success

EM NARI is blessed to have so many vendors who donate time and sponsorships to support our organization. As a non-profit organization, vendor sponsorships are crucial to support our organization.

I ask that all EM NARI members first consider using our vendor members when choosing to buy products and services for your business and homeowner clients.

In January I laid out a path that vendors can follow to realize positive outcomes being an EM NARI member. The suggested steps are;

  • Bring your contractor clients to EM NARI dinner meetings,
  • Encourage your sales people to share the message of EM NARI with your contractor clients and go to the dinner meetings with them,
  • Promote EM NARI Certification Programs to your contractor clients,
  • Host EM NARI events and,
  • Sponsor EM NARI functions.

To all of our vendors - may I suggest that you bring your contractor clients to EM NARI and we will take them under our wing and show them a path to success. Remodelers and trades who discover ways to grow their business at EM NARI will remember you. As these contractors grow, so will their orders.

Growing EM NARI in 2014

I am excited for the opportunity that lies ahead to grow our organization and share the EM NARI message to remodelers who are seeking a positive way to grow their business. The organization is poised to be the leader in Massachusetts for educating and helping remodelers succeed. In order to help others we need to spread the word and invite remodelers to our meetings and events.

I challenge all remodeler and trade members to invite two remodelers over the course of this year. For vendors, I challenge you to send out the message of EM NARI to all or your contractor base and invite 4.

In closing, together let’s make 2014 the best year ever for our EM NARI trade association.


Mark Paskell

President, EM NARI
The Contractor Coaching Partnership, Inc.

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