EM NARI Off to a Great Start in 2015

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EM NARI kicked off 2015 with a unique event, sponsored by Audio Concepts, at BU's Agganis Arena. Members enjoyed a pre-party wine tasting at the Audio Concepts showroom. Later, the party moved to the arena where members inducted the 2015 Board, explored the Agganis Arena and participated in the NARI Challenge. Read more from Meghan Landry of Sterritt Lumber... 

Our Sterritt Lumber team entered the EM NARI challenge at Agganis Arena at Boston University last week at the first membership meeting of 2015 - sponsored by Audio Concepts.


Building teamwork was a constant theme we addressed throughout the evening. Welcoming our new president Jim Lavallee, and 2015 Board of Directors was an induction and news about what is coming up this year.

 BOD 2015

Pictured: Jim Lavallee, Mark Paskell, Dave Supple, Kathy DeMeyer, Kelly Pappas, Bill Hardiman, Alison Stanley, Bill Farnsworth, Gary Morrison, John Cognata, Stephen Doucet, Von Salmi (Not pictured: Kate Hyland Mercer).



The EM NARI membership has grown this past year. What else was rising? Our straw structures! The team building exercise consisted of straws, tape, pins, whatever you could grab on your table, and lots of inspiration. Take a look below at some of the structures and be prepared to be impressed and amused. Who knew this group was so creative?! Actually... we're pretty sure it is known. 

DSC 0077 800x531


DSC 0080 531x800


DSC 0085 531x800

DSC 0089 531x800

The NARI Challenge was won by Team 5. Please note: There may have been a 10th mystery person. (We are looking for you!) The winning team will be enjoying an evening together at an upcoming BU hockey game.  Here’s their creation.  It was the tallest, remained standing the longest, and didn’t use any extra materials.  Built to last!

DSC 0096 001 568x800

The winners were…Bill Hardiman, Cheryl Hardiman, Britt Shellington, Jon Shellington, Elizabeth DesMarais, Jeff Kline, Alexi Bebezas, Robert Perron, Joe Moynagh, ???



Once we saw the EM NARI suite, not going to lie, it was above and beyond what we first expected. Once it was just a tile floor, no walls… just a great shot of the ice and near the concession stand. It was hard to imagine how this would hold a group.


NARI Luxury Suite Partners and Sponsors. Top Row: Jon Moss (Installations Plus), Chris Saad (Audio Concepts), Joe Tanguay (Clarke), Sean Cutting (Cutting Edge Homes), Joe Passamonte (Passamonte Plastering), John Puccio (Puccio Electric), Robin Shor (Splash), Alison Stanley (Kohler), Cathy Doucet (Doucet Remodeling & Design). Bottom Row: Jim Lavallee (Jim Lavallee Plumbing & Heating), John Speridakos (Cosmos Painting), Paul DeYesso (Counter Edge), Greg Antonioli (Out of the Woods Construction), Brittany Shellington (Allstate Glass)


Once we stepped inside the completed suite we almost could not answer our team question because we were admiring all the details. From the glass to the counter-tops, this suite will be used by so many and appreciated by so many more. Definitely a way to kick off EM NARI New Year!


Homeowners know the NARI symbol means quality and professionalism. But the EM NARI members know that this membership association is here to help all the like-minded individuals in this industry to be better. To assist in their weaknesses, learn from other's mistakes, and share each-other’s strengths...this is the way we do business.

"The biggest thing to do is be involved." -

President Jim Lavallee

NARI is an amazing organization. If you know someone who is interested bring them to a meeting! Have them check out the new website:

Already a member? Looking to expand your web presence? Have a good idea your company would like to share for your peers? Email Michelle at and you could be featured on our blog as one of our volunteer content writers!


By: Meghan Landry, F. D. Sterritt Lumber


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