Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Be a CotY Award Winner!

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useful tipsYou can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket, and you can’t win a CotY Award if you don’t submit an entry! Even if you have entered in the past and have not won, don’t give up. The competition is being tweaked regularly with new categories, different judges and judging criteria.

Start planning your entries at the beginning of a project, regardless of whether you will actually submit it. Start a folder with before images, information about the project, and finally, we recommend professional photography for after images.

Tips for Your CotY Entry


  • Carefully follow all of the directions supplied by EM NARI for your CotY entry including the entry form, releases, judges’ folder and Wall of Fame folder.
  • Plan early for getting signatures from homeowners and photographers.
  • Save (download) a copy of your entry. After February 2, 2018, you will not longer have access to the Dropbox folder.
  • Price your project correctly by including everything new to the project (i.e. appliances, even if purchased by the homeowner).
  • Make sure everything in the entry is consistent – in the same category and budget amount throughout.


  • Plan before and after photos for judging and choose the main image for the Wall of Fame. This is what will be displayed the night of the awards and on the EM NARI website.
  • Any photos with people or any identifying information (i.e. logo) will be discarded and the entry may be disqualified. 
  • Consider including your architectural plans/drawings in the presentation.
  • Professional photography for after photos is recommended.


  • Pick the right category for your project.
  • Think about your entry as a “sales pitch.” Use bullets and concise sentences. Make every word count.
  • Imagine how the judges will view your entry.
  • Tell the story of your project and sequence your photos in a way that makes sense to the development of the project.

Remember that the 50 word promotional statement about your project is what is shared publicly if your project wins. So what are the most important points you want to make, summarizing the project? The judges do not see the promotional statement so you can use the name of your company if you want to do so.

Consider including team members in your entry. We also recommend that you fill out the Vendor Form listing every EM NARI member company with whom you worked. Finally, consider entering the Guild Quality Customer Service Award, returning for the second consecutive year. We are all aware how important it is to provide an excellent customer experience. Get credit for your hard work!

Optimize Your Win

If you win a CotY Award, make sure you share the good news – inside the company and beyond. Creating submissions and winning awards is a wonderful team building opportunity for your company. Celebrate the win with your team.

We recommend that you attend the CotY Awards (March 28, 2017 at Clarke, Milford, MA) and make sure you get a photo of your team with the CotY trophy. Use that photo along with information about the project and your company. Publicize your win on your website, blog posts, and social media pages. Send a press release to your local media outlet, including the CotY logo and an image of you from the CotY Awards.

For more information about the EM NARI CotY Awards, visit:


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