Watch the 2017 Youth Remodeling Career Day!

Career Day Time Lapse Video

Posted by Kara Wilson on 13 December 2017 | 1 Comments

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Want to see all the action that happened on Youth Remodeling Career Day 2017? Now you can! Check out this amazing video that OnSite Studios put together recapping all the excitement!

Time-lapse video of Career Day 2017!

On a crisp morning in October, students and teachers from all over the state of Massachusetts arrived at the Bolton Fairgrounds in Lancaster, MA to work side by side with some with remodeling industry professionals from our region. The students are studying in career and vocational education programs - particularly in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and other fields in the trades. Our goal? To spotlight careers in remodeling as alternatives that offer a wide range of interesting career paths, great job security, and tremendous growth opportunities - even offering the option to eventually become a small business owner for those with passion and drive. 

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Students participated in dozens of interactive building activities, informational expo booths, and mini mock interviews with business owners. At lunch students heard industry leaders speak about the remodeling industry career pathway.  Throughout the day, Ryan Wagner and his team from Wagner Development worked with the students to build a stage that was donated to the non-profit organization that operates the Bolton Fairgrounds. See some of the action...

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The students and teachers enjoyed a visit from the crew at This Old House and host Kevin O'Connor. As part of their Generation Next campaign, TOH attended the event to spotlight students seeking a career in the trades.  Look for our event on a This Old House episode in early 2018! 

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After the event, the team a Tool Box Buzz generously donated $10,000 in Milwaukee and DeWALT tools that were a part of their demo at the event. The EM NARI staff had the chance to accompany the TBB crew as they donated tools to 5 vocational high schools in the region. 

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We are already looking forward to planning our 2018 event. Mark your calendar for Tuesday, October 16th and start planning your building activity now!

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Thank you to our generous sponsors!

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Even more from Youth Remodeling Career Day...

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  • I would love to see this kind of event happening in every state! I live in Georgia and have seen investment in vocational education diminish over the years. I encourage you to continue and grow.

    Posted by Liz Weaver, 12/02/2018 12:01pm (2 years ago)

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