Building Inspector Panel Offers Valuable Insights for Contractors

Posted by Bill Hardiman on 30 September 2014 | 0 Comments

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Our September membership meeting featured a panel of seven building inspectors and commissioners from around the region.  The program was an interactive, question-and-answer, session designed to inform EM NARI members about trends and developments in the codes and regulations.  Additionally, members could get their specific questions answered – straight from the experts. 

Not only was the session informative, but it helped contractors have a better understanding of the challenges inspectors are faced with daily.  In some cases, we heard that inspectors get information about newly adopted codes and regulations and are expected to begin enforcement even while they are getting up to speed on the nuances of the changes.  This balancing act can sometimes explain why certain towns seem more rigid in enforcement than others.  Towns that are fully staffed and funded are better able to ensure that those expected to enforce the changes in the codes and regulations, are fully updated and trained.

As most contractors know, as of July 1st, new energy regulations must be used when applying for a permit.  Norwell inspector Tim Fitzgerald invited EM NARI members to a seminar on the codes on Sept. 25th

Lastly, I was happy to hear that some towns are not requiring a licensed sheet metal mechanic to obtain a permit for bathroom ventilation systems.  Nevertheless, the requirements vary by town, so contractors should inquire before producing any quotes. 

The evening was insightful and offered EM NARI members another great opportunity to learn valuable information they can use daily.

Bill Hardiman

Old New England Restoration

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