Are we a match? 5 Attributes of a Great Client

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good client 218x300Just as you are selective about finding a husband or wife, choosing a partner to renovate your home is a highly personal and important decision. Not everyone is a good fit. So what makes for a successful relationship between clients and remodelers?

From listening to our design and build clients we’ve learned what matters when it comes to making major home improvements. Thoughtful and beautiful design, a well-articulated process, superb craftsmanship, responsive service, and respect for our client’s budget. With almost thirty years in the remodeling business, we know what works for us.

Our ideal client:
  1. Communicates clearly and asks good questions throughout the process. Our ideal client also listens and accepts advice.
  2. Attends meetings prepared and on time, respecting both of our schedules (or notifies us in advance if a change is necessary).
  3. Is decisive and easy to work with throughout the process of planning, designing and building. There are many decision points during a renovation and our ideal client makes choices as necessary, or accepts responsibility when slow decision-making slows down the project.
  4. Has a realistic budget and trusts that we are providing the best service at the best price we can. Our ideal client understands that while we love making them happy, we need to pay our bills, too.
  5. Appreciates and values our attention to detail, craftsmanship and dedicated processes forged over 29 years in business. Our ideal client is grateful for the efforts made on their behalf when our staff goes above and beyond (and they consistently do!). They share their positive experiences with us through testimonials and reviews, recommendations and referrals.

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The reason the relationship works is because we do our part to communicate clearly and answer your questions. We come to meetings on time and prepared, or notify you when changes are necessary. We guide you through the decision-making process and aid you wherever you need additional advice. We provide you with budgets and information all along the way. We respect your time and resources just as we trust you respect ours.

Finally, we are exceedingly grateful to work with you to transform your kitchen, bath, living spaces or entire home. We know you have choices and appreciate when you put your confidence and trust in Feinmann.

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