3 Projects to Enhance Curb Appeal

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Need some ideas on how to spice up your property? Things looking a little dull outside?? Here are three ways to enhance your curb appeal.


1. Create an outstanding presence in the front of your property with a top quality mailbox and post.


The first element that guests see as they arrive at your property is the mailbox and post.  Quickly one can arrive at an impression of your property based solely on the appearance of the mailbox and post.  Is it purely a no frills, functioning item?  Is it dilapidated? Most importantly, does the mailbox and post add value to your property?  A straightforward project to consider is updating your current mailbox and post.  Transform that utilitarian item into a structural element that will command respect.AC_NARI_AD_2014


During the material selection process keep in mind that the goal is to select product that is of a high quality construction and will stand strong amidst New England’s harsh weather.  I encourage you to have the house number and street name lettered on each side of the mailbox to serve as an address marker for future guests.


2.  Consider a post light in your future landscape projects and add a sense of drama to your landscape.


Illuminate the entrance to your house with a post light.  Landscape projects should not be limited to plantings, trees and turf.  Expand the design process to include lighting and you will have an aesthetic and functional impact.


A carefully placed light post adjacent to the walkway illuminates the immediate area and provides a structural element to the landscape.  All too often the walkway leading to the house entrance is not illuminated creating the feeling of uncertainty when traversing the area.  The power of light has the ability to highlight the texture of the walkway and provide a welcoming feeling after dusk.


A personal preference of mine is to select a product that has character.  Suggestions include an oversized cap, detail moldings and overall dimensions that create a feeling of stout rather than skinny and slender.  The goal is to complement the house, add value and make the entrance a bit grander. Although this project involves a licensed electrician to make the electrical connections, this should not be deterrent.  I have personally used Puccio Electric (EMNARI member) at my own house and the experience was excellent.


3. Article introduction:  Neighbors are great but privacy is needed to enjoy your outdoor space.


Neighbors are great but during outdoor activities you suddenly feel like you are on display.  What is needed is some personal space away from the view of the neighbors and passers-by. Rather than installing a conventional fence along the property line why not consider a natural alternative with landscaping.


Landscaping design, it’s all about assessing the situation and creating a functional yet aesthetic solution. Material selection will be the key to this project.  Evergreens, plants and trees that stay green all year will provide a natural screen.  If space permits, trees would be the preferred material selection.


Here’s to enjoying the outdoors.




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