Reaping the Rewards from Membership

Posted by admin on 11 September 2013 | 0 Comments


pickaxeA few weeks ago, I had the chance to sit and chat with a long time board member at EM NARI.  We talked at length about the organization and our members.  During the conversation, he created a wonderful analogy that has stuck with me since that afternoon.  He likened the experience of a new member to a person standing at the entrance of a gold mine.  And, he was right.

When standing at the entrance of the gold mine, a decision must be made.  Will you go in, be ready to roll up your sleeves, and do some digging? For some, it seems easier to stay outside to wait and see what happens -- hoping (as he said) the gold will walk out and find you.  Others don't wait.  They turn on their headlamps and head in.  Along the way they meet friends and colleagues who show them the way.  They start to dig and small rewards begin to appear.  For those who stay committed to exploring, the vein is soon found and the rewards are plenty.

Much like the gold miner, members who decide to get involved, connect, and dig in get the most out of their membership investment.  Business is good for our members these days -- so finding time to engage can be tough.  But, your EM NARI membership will yield much more if you carve out the time to get involved.

Getting started takes just three steps!

1. Mark your calendar for the next membership meeting.  You can find the dates on our web calendar.  Get there early and mingle with other members.  Be sure to find a Board member and introduce yourself.  You can find them by the green tags on their name badges.

2. Consider plugging into a committee.  For just an hour or two a month, you can forge some great connections in a committee -- which will become a great springboard to grow your network.

3. Looking for a new vendor or supplier?  Be sure to check the EM NARI membership directory.  Can't find who you are looking for?  Send an email to  By working with other EM NARI members, you will build lasting relationships with others who share your passion for quality and can help your business grow!