10 Tips to Make the Most of your CotY 2015 Entry

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Imagine you are one of our Chapter's CotY judges and your task is to evaluate 50-75 entries in a single day! This group of industry professionals knows great design and craftsmanship when they see it. Your CotY binder is a snapshot of your expertise on any given project, so you'll need to be sure the judges see what you need them to see, and understand what the project entailed. Here are a few tips we've collected from the judges over the years:

  • Use bullet points for the description of the project instead of full sentences.  Highlight the client's needs and any challenges encountered, and how you met those needs, and overcame the challenges.
  • Limit the narrative detail to what's relevant.  Pick and choose a few good elements of the project.
  • Sometimes a short note on a photo is the better option.  As they say..."A picture says a thousand words."
  • Use good photography.  Photos with good detail help the judges understand what went into the project. The photos don't have to be professional, but if capturing the images well is not one of your strengths, you might want to consider bringing in some help.
  • Use "after" photos from the SAME perspective as the "before" photos whenever possible.  Display the photos on facing pages ("Before pictures" facing the "After pictures"), and oriented in the same direction.
  • Include a clearly marked set of "before" and "after" plans whenever possible. When the photos can't make the transformation clear, the plans will help.
  • Make a copy of the completed disc & entry. In the event that your entry wins, your company will now be better prepared for an immediate press release.  Advertise!
  • Use the Entry Checklist of the 2015 CotY documentation before you submit your entry.
  • Send your "Client Satisfaction" forms in with your entries. Sharing this achievement with your team of professionals, can be more valuable than any marketing monies spent.
  • Remember, breathe deep, and ENJOY!

See you at the CotY's...

Amy McFadden
Chair, EM NARI CotY Awards Committee



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